Predator Inc.Hummer H1, H2, H3, Parts and Accessories



Predator Inc. is located at 1250 Distribution Way in Vista California. Our facility is located just a few miles from Camp Pendleton and apx. 30 miles north of Naval Base Coronado in San Diego California.


Corporate Facility:

Our facility is apx. 25,000 sq feet and features full security perimeter fence, video and electronic surveillance for improved security. Our building is composed of 4 distinct departments. The Office and Classrooms are held in apx. 3,500sq/ft, our Installation Department is composed of apx. 5,000 sq/ft, Manufacturing and Development Department is in apx. 4,000 sq/ft and our Warehouse/Shipping Department composes the last 2,500sq/ft.



The Predator Tactical Offroad Classroom is a professional state of the art training facility in our second story overlooking the Service Center. At 1000sq/ft of classroom space, we have ample room for up to 35 students. The class room features a 140″ High Definition Projector for our in classroom visual aids. The conference tables were manufactured by our Manufacturing and Development Department from a Russian L39 Fighter Jet Trainer which allows for up to 25 students to be seated, in executive leather chairs, at these two tables. Additional seating is located throughout the classroom for larger classes. The Fighter Jet Wing Tables rest on a professional Cherry Wood Floor to compliment our class room. Although this classroom should not be used to judge the quality of our program, it does show our attention to perfection in every aspect of our training program.


Vehicle Systems:

Predator offers in dept training on Vehicle Systems and Field Expedient Repair Training. We perform this section of the curriculum in our Service Center just below our classroom. We have three lifts showing different views of the various Vehicle Systems including a body off lift which will show what the drive train looks and functions. This has proven an invaluable tool in showing students how vehicles operate.



During the course we offer in depth training on improvised welding and fabrication. After hearing from many students over the years how they were forced to detonate their vehicle because of a simple failure and not having the knowledge to perform a potential life saving repair on the spot, we integrated welding and fabrication into our curriculum. This also includes improvised welding and fabrication techniques. The training is performed in our Manufacturing and Development Department. We train the proper techniques on MIG, TIG, Oxy/Cetelene and Oxy/Propane Welding. Additionally, we train Oxy/Cetelene Cutting, Heating and Bending techniques as well as Plasma Cutting. This has proved to be an invaluable addition to our students training.

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