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Predator Advanced Tactical Offroad offers a wide range of curriculum options. Below is our curriculum overview for the Advanced Offroad Training designed specifically for Special Forces Groups operating inAfghanistanand similar environments. The course can be broken into two vehicle platforms such as the HMMWV for the first week and the M-ATV or MRAP Platform for the second week. Shorter and longer courses are available as well as vehicle specific and environment specific courses. Please contact us for more information and other curriculum options not listed.

2 Week Advanced SF Afghanistan Curriculum Overview:

  • Safety Procedures
  • HMMWV Vehicle Systems Components
  • M-ATV Vehicle Systems Components
  • Pre/Post Operation Inspection
  • Field Repair
  • Welding/Fabrication (Traditional and Improvised)
  • Off Road Driving Techniques
  • Technical Maneuvering
  • CTM (Constant Torque Modulation)
  • BTM (Brake Throttle Modulation)
  • Lines of Attack
  • Ascending Slopes
  • Descending Slopes
  • Side Slopes
  • Rock Obstacles
  • Hard Packed Sand Obstacles
  • Night Course
  • Wadi Traversing
  • Irrigation Ditch Traversing
  • Wadi / Irrigation Ditch Night Operations
  • Self Recovery Assisted Recovery
  • Night Recovery
  • Water Fording
  • Obstacle Route Planning and Negotiation
  • Advanced Navigation Techniques
  • Obstacle Route Planning Night
  • Sand Dune Negotiation and Techniques
  • Sand Dune Negotiation Night
  • Extreme Obstacle Negotiation
  • High Speed Driving Tactics
  • Night Vision Goggle Driving Techniques
  • Terrain Recap Practical Application
  • Final Written Examination
  • Awards Ceremony

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