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Dan Wilson – Operations Chief

Dan Wilson went to work full time as a partner at Predator in 2001 after quitting his long run as a Test Pilot for Classified Government Jets and Helicopters. Dan began flying in the Navy during the Vietnam War. After the service, he joined McDonald Douglas’s Apache Attack Helicopter Program. At the end of the test phase, Dan was one of two pilots that walked away alive out of a group of 6 highly-skilled pilots that went into the program. He then went to work for some of the largest aviation defense contractors in the industry as a test pilot. As a graduate of Pepperdine University, he received his bachelor’s degree in Aviation and currently holds FAA licenses as an Airline Transport Pilot, and an Instructor Pilot for single and multiengine airplane rating, instrument rating, Rotorcraft Helicopter and a Mechanics license, both Airframe and Power plant.


Jeff Orr – Alpha Lead Instructor

Jeff Orr is an avid off-roader and family man. Married with 4 children, Jeff has grown up in the Southern California Off-road Industry and is typically found in some remote desert with his family, if we’re not running a Training Course. Before coming to Predator, Jeff ran his family’s business called WORR Game Products, which was the industry leader in high-end Paint Ball Guns and performed tactical weapon training for Special Operations Groups utilizing his guns. Jeff runs his personal Predator Built, Duramax Conversion H1 Wagon for all of his off-roading, including for the Tac-Ops Course. He has the power turned up on his H1 to around 650hp and over 1200ft/lbs of torque. Jeff has a very straightforward training approach, you will know right away if your doing something incorrectly. His training style allows you to learn from your mistakes and making suggestions on how to correct the mistake. This allows our students to understand quickly and effectively how to adapt to their environment and make the necessary changes which allows for a much faster and effective training approach.


Ryan Wilson – Bravo Lead Instructor

As the President of Predator Inc. Ryan has deep roots in Offroad Driving Instruction. He has over 14 years of training experience on the HMMWV Platform alone. Many of the teaching processes that we offer for our course has been developed by Ryan. His teaching method is to present his knowledge in a simplified and easy to understand process which allows the students to adapt much quicker then traditional methods. His encouragement for the students to learn first hand and build from a strong foundation of “practical application” allows for an unsurpassed training method.


Jaap VanRyn   – Instructor

Jaap grew up on the east coast off-roading in the back-woods of South Carolina. As an Aerospace Engineer by trade, Jaap is very technically oriented. He adds a unique approach to our Tactical Off-road Course by giving specific details such as calculating payloads, breakover angles, pulling mass and navigation in an easy to understand format that non-engineers can understand. His experience as a technical off-road instructor is unmatched. We are always amazed at the technical knowledge Jaap adds to the Predator Advanced Tactical Offroad Course. Additionally, Jaap is our lead engineer at Predator Motorsports, Inc. When our SOCOM course is not running, he is typically buried in R&D Data on the latest system upgrades.


Rob Orr – Instructor

Rob is a very talented instructor. He adds a very unique “common sense” approach to training our students. He is constantly questioning the logic behind a wrong move and will discuss what happened until the students understand the situation. His approach builds confidence quickly and effectively by allowing the students to learn from their mistakes. Rob is an avid offroader in the Southern California Desert. He, like all of our instructors, have deep roots and a passion for extreme offroad driving.


Tom Severin – Instructor 

Tom has an extensive background (forty plus years experience) with four-wheel drive vehicles, on and off road, in various conditions and countries. Tom is a graduate of Purdue University and recognized expert in management information systems. Tom is an accomplished leader with a comprehensive background directing work teams. Tom is our extraction expert and offers a vast knowledge on 4wd Training. When he is not training Military and Government Agencies with us, he is training civilians on 4×4 techniques.

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